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Real Estate Marketing, Advertising and Optimization Services

Real Estate
Marketing and Advertising Services

Below are service descriptions to help our clients educate, mentor, promote events, services or products, train, mentor, consult and joint venture using the Internet's capabilities and our expertise. While these services have emphases towards Real Estate, they can be applied to almost any event, product or service.

E-Mail Blasts
Our Real Estate Investor database are names collected from various Real Estate Events: Southern Florida Club Meetings, Conventions, Opt-In feature from MREIA’s Web Site.
>> E-Mail Blast - This allows a person and/or company to send out an HTML formatted E-Mail dedicated to their Real Estate Event, Service, Property or Product.
Available Services:
  1. Send a HTML interactive Email to approximately 10,000 real estate contacts.

    • 1st Blast Cost: $317.75
    • Additional Blast are available at $157.87 if no major Email changes are required.
  2. Additional Services:

    • Add video to email blast. Cost: $207.75 Includes creating, uploading and programming video into Email Blast.
    • Market Email blast to Social Media sites. Cost: $187.25. Includes FaceBook, YouTube, MeetUp, MySpace, Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter...
Samples of E-Mail Blasts:
TERMS: Logos, Photos, Banners, Files and HTML/Text Copy are allowed and must be provided by the client.

MREIA Business Services
These services allow our clients to establish a business relationship with IGG and MREIA companies.
Promotional Web Page Installed onto our Web Site
This allows the client to Joint Venture JV and place a promotional page onto our web site with index and email linking. This web page can promote an event, product, service, developments or properties.
Web Site and Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Search engine optimization SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural, organic or algorithmic search results.
  • Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.
Sample SEO Services
* Submit your web site's URL to Search Engines
Bing, Yahoo, Google, MSN, Open Directory...
* Produce Keywords that will be used to index the contents of the
web page or document into the Search Engines.
* Adding Meta elements which provide information about a given Web page. The elements or tags help search engines categorize your web pages from your site correctly.
* Using keywords for anchor text, alt and title attributes
inside your external and internal links.
* Picking the proper TITLE tag for
search engines and your browser's title bar.
* And Much Much More....

"Within 5 minutes of Bob email blasting my wholesale property I had a Letter of Intent and an offer on the property. Over the next 2 days, I received 3 back up offers and about 12 calls from interested buyers.

I highly recommend doing an email blast to Bob's list if you want to get a property moved fast to serious buyers."

Dustin Radin
Tricounty Wholesaler

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