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Educational Real Estate and Networking Club

Educational Real Estate and Networking Club

The mission of the Educational Real Estate & Networking Club (ERENC) and its newsletter will be dedicated to educate beginners and veterans the various techniques to acquire, maintain, protect and sell their real estate holdings. In addition, it will allow members to network with individuals that have similar interests as themselves and provide an audience to market themselves and their companies.

Topics will be chosen based on survey results. Click "HERE" to view and fill in ERENC's MEMBERSHIP & SURVEY Application. The survey will gauge the demands of the audience to get a picture of their needs. Courses will be developed and taught in a series until it is finished.

Newsletter History

ERENC Vol. 11: ERENC NEWSLETTER - Why is Social Media Marketing Worth My Time? by Javier Fuller, August, 10th 2009

ERENC Vol. 10: ERENC NEWSLETTER - Offshore Private Caribbean Island in Belize by Doug Crowe, June, 17th 2009

ERENC Vol. 9: ERENC NEWSLETTER - What Kind of Economy Will You Have In 2009?, April 6th, 2009

ERENC Vol. 8: Tips on HOW to run a successful Webinar and Tele-Conference Event, December 6th, 2008

ERENC Vol. 7: Mortgage Defaults Redefine Investment Landscape?, June 2008

ERENC Vol. 6: Is Your House Killing You?, Feb. 2008

ERENC Vol. 5: CONVERGENCE, Jan. 2008

ERENC Vol. 4: Mold - Friend or Foe, Oct. 2007

ERENC Vol. 3: Ten Reasons Deals Fail at Closing, June 2007

ERENC Vol. 2: Overlooked Tax Deductions, Feb. 2007

ERENC Vol. 1: How to Get Smart about Networking, Jan. 2007

Let US Teach R.E. Investing!

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