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US Government Agencies REO Property Inventory For Sale

Government Agencies
REO Properties For Sale

Who has the largest real estate portfolio in the United States? The answer is the U.S. Government. They buy and sell land, homes, commercial buildings, vehicles all the time. Wouldn't you want the U.S. Government as a client?

All agencies in the government buy and sell assets to:

  • Provide living quarters to their Personnel.
  • Offices for their Agencies.
  • Land used for research, parks and military bases.
  • Lighthouses
When the U.S. Government no longer needs the asset they sell it back to the general public or to the country where the property was located overseas.

We use to live in Puerto Rico and there was a huge military base called Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, or Roosey. They had some of the best beachfront land and islands Puerto Rico had to offer all under U.S. Government control. These land parcels were given back to Puerto Rico and are being developed.

Over time individual agencies like:

  • HUD
  • GNMA
  • IRS
  • USMS
  • FDIC
  • GSA
  • USCS
  • USDA
  • VA
  • FNMA

have developed systems to sell off their assets that they have confiscated or no longer need.

This page contains links to the various agencies that are selling assets. It is up to the investor to familiarize themselves with the individual agency process for purchasing.

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REO From Agriculture Rural Development - Click HERE to visit USDA REO Inventory
REO From Department of Veteran Affairs - Click HERE to visit VA REO Inventory
REO From Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Click HERE to visit FDIC REO Inventory
REO From U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development - Click HERE to visit HUD REO Inventory
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REO From U.S. Marshals Service - Click HERE to visit USMS REO Inventory
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