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4 Single-Family Homes in Macon, GA

One of the Best Rental Markets in the Southeast

Rehabbed, Rented and Expertly Managed

only $140,000

That's Right - ALL FOUR ONLY $140,000

$2300 per month rental income x 12 $27,600

Taxes, Insurance, Management Fees $6,600

Net annual income = $21,000 15% ROI


4410 Vinson Ave

Macon, GA

3 bed, 1 bath

2435 Adger Road

Macon, GA

4 bed, 1 bath

3816 Frances Drive

Macon, GA

2 bed, 1 bath

2419 Adger Road

Macon, GA

3 bed, 1 bath


  • Don't waste your time searching for houses.
  • Don't go thru the hassle of rehab.
  • Don't struggle to find good tenants.
  • Don't hunt down tenants to collect rent.
    • Property manager is independent, an expert in this market and willing to remain with new owner.
Limited time special offer, call now before it's gone!
Jon Bivins
JLB Properties, LLC

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