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South Florida Service Providers for Real Estate Investors...

Since Florida huge tourist and retirement venue, many people from other countries and states choose Florida as their:

  • Second or Vacation Home.
  • Moved here to live and work before Retirement.
  • Retire here after they’re done with their Careers.
We have sympathy for any person who attempts to purchase an investment property outside of their familiar 50 mile radius.

After rehabbing several distressed properties outside Miami Dade County, one of the most difficult tasks was getting familiar with the area. Here are several questions we had to ask and provide answers:

  • Reduce my Fla. Property Taxes?
  • List My Property on the MLS?
  • Where is the nearest Home Depot?
  • Property Tree Service?
  • Where was the closest dump to get rid of debris?
  • Appliances Companies – New and Used?
  • Where can I get my electricity connected?
  • Property Appraiser?
  • What type of sewer system? Septic Tank or City Sewer System?
  • Local Insurance Contacts?
  • Well water or City/County water system?
  • Local REIA Club meeting location and meeting dates?
  • Reliable Contractors? I don’t know anyone here.
  • Location of Local Public Housing Authority PHA? Section 8?
  • Where do I pull permits?
  • Where is a good property management company?
  • High crime rate in the neighborhood. Security?
  • On and On and On….

You get the idea, there is a learning curve. The purpose of this page was to provide references for new Miami Dade Residents and Investors. So, if you are investing in Miami, Dade County, Florida keep these Services Providers in mind:

South Florida Service Providers for Investors.

Service Name Telephone Web or Email
Reduce Fla. Property Taxes Mirel Garcia 305-775-2617 Email
Business Plans Eduardo Paz 305-766-6014 Email
List Your Property on the MLS Luis Maqueira 305-300-0008 Email
Robin's Tree Service Robin Luker 786-326-5066 Office Phone: 305-261-8441
Real Estate Wholesale System Preston Ely 305-586-5280 Learn to Wholesale Real Estate
R.E. Sales & Marketing Bob Burns 305-586-5280 Email
Real Estate Attorney Paul B. Woods 305-803-1818 Email
Real Estate Attorney Bruce Jacobs 305-444-2242 Email
Electricity Connection Florida Power and Light 305-442-8770 Start an FPL Account
Property Management Bob Burns 305-586-5280 Email
Fund Your Deal Access Funding Page 305-586-5280 Bob's Email
General Maintenance, Flooring & Painting Contractor Michael Plunge 305-586-5280
Ask for Bob
City Demographics By Zip Code N/A Check Your City's Stats
Section 8 page Florida By County Section 8 Info.
Real Estate Accountant James A. Carraway 305-667-3033 Email
Hurricane Insurance Appraiser Eli Malouf 786-252-9144 Email
U.S. Census Data Florida 301-763-4636 US Census Data
Appraiser Mark Jackson 404-308-0594 After Repair Value Subscription Page
Home Depot Locator Florida 800-553-3199 Home Depot Store Locator
Comcast Cable TV, Internet & Phone Florida 800-391-3000 Web Site
Property Information By Fla. County 305-586-5280 Access Property Info by Florida County
Water & Sewer Miami-Dade 305-665-7488 Start Water Service
Property Insurance Bob Burns 305-586-5280 See Blog Post
Flooding Zone FEMA Map Sevice 877-336-2627 Map Service Center MSC
Credit Repair Jeremy Roberts 214-243-8090 Email
Insurance History Report C.L.U.E. Report 866-312-8076 C.L.U.E. Report
Creative Tax, Asset Protection & Estate Planning David W. Southwell, CPA 305-621-0220 Email
Insurance Appraiser Eli Malouf 786-252-9144 Email
Junk Removal Robert Burns 305-586-5280 Email
Page Author +Bob Burns Contact Us

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