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Carrfour Supportive Housing, Services and Programs:
  • Supplied homes for more than 10,000 formerly homeless families, children and individuals.
  • Located in Downtown Miami. Major Bus Routes available.
  • Carrfour supports an inventory of 1,742 housing and apartment units in various communities in Dade County.
  • Current Communities online: Harvard House, Tequesta Knoll, Parkview Gardens, Casa Matias, Bonita Cove, Dr. Barbara Carey-Shuler Manor, Verde Gardens, ...
  • Program and Services: Medical and Mental sevices, develop basic living skills, search for jobs, housing for military veterans, employment opportunities at Carrfour's community farm and market, rent subsidies and in-home supportive services.
  • Supported by the public and private business sectors in Miami-Dade County.
  • Works with Miami-Dade Public Housing Authority.

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Carrfour Supporttive Housing Contact Information
1398 SW 1st Street, 12th Floor,
Miami, Florida 33135
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (305) 371-8300 Fax: (305) 371-1376
Services Offered: Supportive Housing, Services and Programs. RSS Feed Icon
Carrfour Main Entrance to building.
Carrfour Supportive Housing
Main Entrance Miami, Florida
Carrfour Reception Area on 12th Floor.
Carrfour Supportive Housing
Reception Area on the 12th Floor.
Carrfour Lobby Area on 12th Floor, Miami, Florida
Carrfour Supportive Housing Lobby
on 12th Floor, Miami-Dade County, Florida
Carrfour, 12th Floor, is in the same building as Miami-Dade Public Library on the ground floor.
Carrfour is in the same building as
the Miami-Dade Public Library.

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