HHA - Homestead Housing Authority Section 8 or Plan 8 Office

The Homestead Housing Authority #HHA has undergone major changes. HHA has brand new facilities which cover Southern Dade County, Florida. Some of the cities involved with HHA are City of Homestead, Florida City, Key Largo and most of the Northern Key Islands that are part of Dade County.

Strategically at the southern end of Dade County, tourists driving to the Florida Keys will stop to load up on food, water and items that are very expensive on the islands. Large companies like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Nike, (see picture below) have opened stores to take advantage of this flow of traffic and provide employment opportunities for the populace living in Southern Dade.

Investors are investing in Southern Dade for the following reasons:

  • Brand new medical facilities in South Dade. Doctors and Nurses need housing.
  • The demographics of the area have drawn big name companies to South Miami-Dade.
  • Tourism - All roads to South Florida bottleneck into Homestead.
  • Military Base. Soldiers need housing.
  • Major home developments built during the recent real estate bubble.
  • Large NASCAR Race Track - Homestead Speedway.
  • Home ownership is more cost-effective. More bang for the buck.
  • Taxes are lower.
  • Large migrant work force. Need for workforce housing. Real Estate Investors love this.
  • Several cost-effective retirement communities.

HUD has had a Section 8 office in Homestead since we've been in Miami. As landlords, we have found the Homestead Housing Authority is the most flexible Section Eight office while working with the Investor Community.

We highly recommend the real estate investment community add Homestead Housing Authority HHA to their tenant marketing funnel.

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HHA - Homestead Housing Authority Contact Information
29355 South Federal Highway.
Homestead, Florida. 33030-3030
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: 305-247-0639 Fax: 305-248-3347
REIC Blog Posting: Click HERE for more information concerning Homestead Housing Authority HHA
Services Offered: Section 8, Section Eight, Plan Ocho, Plan 8, Plan Eight
Landlords can list their properties here in South Miami-Dade Florida
Section 8 Plan Ocho Main Doors at
Redland Center Homestead Florida
Main Entrance to the Redland Center standing on US 1
OF HOMESTEAD front entrance on US 1
Miami-Dade Housing Authority Main Offices of Section 8 Plan Ocho for South Dade Florida
Homestead Housing Authority HHA New Plan 8 Offices, Miami-Dade County, Florida
Main Entrance to the Redland Center across the street
Redland Center across US 1
Redland USDA sign facing US 1
Redland Center HUD Sign facing US 1
Redland Center Main Sign perpendicular to US 1
Redland Center sign front of main offices
News Update:
  Outlet Mall Homestead Florida.
Employment Opportunities
Outlet Mall Sign Florida City, Florida

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