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Miami-Dade Public Housing Authority MDPHA Housing Choice Voucher HCV Program

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Miami-Dade Public Housing Authority MDPHA’s Housing Choice Voucher HCV program has been outsourced to Nan McKay & Associates, Inc. and CVR Associates Inc., due to the overwhelming size of the program. Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency MDPHA still oversees the Section Eight or Plan Ocho program but the day to day operations are managed by Nan McKay's Consulting’s staff.

Miami-Dade awarded a multi-year contract to both companies: Nan McKay & Associates, Inc. and CVR Associates Inc. They are responsible for:

  • Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.
  • Section 8 Home Ownership Program.
  • MDPHA Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program.
  • Recertifications.
  • All HUD inspections, paper work, contract and accounting processing.
  • Portability.
This allows the MDPHA to save money and increase processing efficiencies.

Landlords or Property Owners can use the Section 8 or Plan Ocho HCV program as a way to provide rental cash flows for their investment properties. When a unit becomes empty, Landlords or Property Owners start losing MONEY! They need to lease their unit as soon as possible! Adding Section 8 or Plan 8 to your marketing funnel increases the probability of finding a qualified tenant.

We put to together a simple video below that shows the outside of the Miami Dade Housing Choice Voucher Program Building. Go down there NOW and set up an appointment to discuss the Landlord Program or Housing Choice Voucher Program. Address is: 7400 Corporate Center Drive (NW 19th Street and 75th Ave. Bay H) Miami, Florida 33126 or PO Box 521750. Don't expect an appointment right away. They will schedule you via a 3-4 week window.


Sec8 Productions has provided Landlords the contact information, video and map for the Miami-Dade Housing Choice Voucher Program Building, Miami, Florida below.

Miami-Dade Housing Choice Voucher
MDPHA HCV Program Building
7400 Corporate Center Drive
(NW 19 Street and 75 Avenue Bay H),
Miami, Florida 33126 USA

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General Information Call Center: (305) 403-3222
Fax Number: (305) 629-1032
Fraud Hotline: (305) 471-4555
Portability (Port In): (305) 471-4526
Portability (Port Out): (305) 471-4539

Read our Miami-Dade Housing Choice Voucher Program Building blog post.

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