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Sarasota Housing Authority SHA

Sarasota Housing Authourity SHA Logo
Main Office Information
269 S. Osprey Ave., Suite 100
Sarasota, Florida 34236-4936
Telephone: (941) 361-6210
Fax: (941) 366-4661
Front view of Sarasota Housing Authority SHA
Sarasota Housing Authority
Front of Building
SHA building view from Osprey Ave Corner
SHA building view from
Osprey Ave Intersection
The Sarasota Housing Authority SHA objective is: "We are committed to providing quality, affordable housing, which enhances the lives of our residents and promotes their independence."

We were impressed with its geographic location and the condition of their facilities, located in the Laurel Park, City of Sarasota, Sarasota County, Florida. Voted as the most outstanding Housing Authority by its peers, which is a clear signal that the agency is well managed.

Their staff manages the following programs:

  • Housing Choice Voucher HCV Program or Section 8
  • Public Housing
  • Home Ownership Program
  • Unit Inspections
  • Development and Redevelopment Programs
  • Resident Services Programs
Sarasota Housing Authority SHA Logo II

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD designated Sarasota Housing Authority as a high performer for both Public Housing and House Choice Voucher HCV or Section 8 programs.

SHA is an aggressive agency eliminating homelessness for Sarasota County and strides to be #1 in all categories for program administration, residential services, development and redevelopment of all HUD programs administered by the Sarasota Housing Authority SHA.

Note: Works closely with Venice Housing Authority VHA and Sarasota Office of Housing & Community Development OHCD in Sarasota County.

Reception Area to SHA from office entrance.
Sarasota Housing Authority
Office Reception Area
Back of SHA building with main entrance to building's offices.
Back Entrance to SHA Building
SHA back of building across the street on Osprey Ave.
Back of SHA building from across
Osprey Ave. in Laurel Park

Laurel Park City of Sarasota Florida Logo
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