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This page is dedicated to the top blog content derived from the Real Estate Investment Commentary REIC Blog. The news content, specified in the table below, has been posted previously but is not currently visible on the REIC's Blog. Most of these stories have been archived. Clients have to perform a keyword search to retrieve the top blog content. Our group decided to only post the sec 8 content, based on statistics provided by our blog' service provider.

This page is a work in progress that will post all the Section 8, Plan Ocho for Spanish Speakers, collected from RSS content, REIC Blog and news data feeds that we previously posted and feel it should be made available for easy access.

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Top Miami-Dade's Section 8 Blog Content
Hialeah Housing Authority HHA & Sec 8, Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Housing Authority HHA
Opens Lottery Based Section 8 Waiting List.

Note - This story is still active because it has links to:

  • VIEW current Application Status.
  • Look up your current position on HHA waiting list.

Miami-Dade Housing Authority MDHA &
Section Eight, Miami, Florida
Video about Calculating Fair Market Rent FMR using a HUD Section 8 tool.

Note - This tool is still active:

  • Allows you to calculate Fair Market Rent FMR.
  • Tools can be used for any county in the United States.
  • Can be used for Sec 8 or retail markets.
Miami-Dade Florida's Sec 8 and Housing Authority Office Locations & Contact Information.

Note - This tool is still active:

  • Has address locations of Section 8 Offices throughout Miami-Dade County.
  • Hialeah Housing Authority HHA.
  • Homestead Housing Authority.
  • Miami Beach Housing Authority.
  • City of Miami Housing Authority.
  • Miami-Dade Housing Authority MDHA.

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