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Miami-Dade Housing Choice Voucher Program
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HUD's Section 8 or Plan 8 department has a program called the Housing Choice Voucher HCV Program. This is the most popular of all the available programs Section Eight or Plan Eight provides.

There are three parties involved when a voucher transaction occurs:

  1. The Property Owner or Landlord.
  2. The County's Section 8 Representatives or Housing Authority.
  3. Tenant or Voucher Holder.

Each side has different responsibilities to allow and maintain the rental agreement. This page will review only the landlord's responsibilities for preparing the UNIT (rental property) for a Section 8 voucher holder.

Before a tenant can move into a property, HUD must perform an inspection of the UNIT (rental property). The HUD certified inspector and landlord schedule an appointment to inspect, based on HUD's guidelines, the rental property. As you may know or may not, HUD has a HOUSING QUALITY STANDARDS CHECKLIST landlords can use to get prepared for the property inspection.

See the checklist below for questions that will be asked during the inspection:

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Housing Quality Standards Landlord Self-Inspection Checklist
Major Areas of Unit
Questions to Ask?
Repairs Needed
Section 8 Video Alert Icon Mechanical Items
  1. Do all the fixtures and outlets work?
    • At least 2 electrical outlets per room or
    • One outlet and one light fixture per room.
  1. Is there lighting in common hallways and porches?
  1. Are all the outlets, light switches and fuse boxes properly covered with no cracks or breaks in the plates or doors?
    • Are all the three-prong outlets grounded properly?
  1. Are electric fixtures securely fastened without any hanging or exposed wires in areas where the tenant's family has access?
  1. Does the UNIT have a properly working and installed Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) Outlet?
  1. Are all 3 prong electrical outlets grounded?
  1. Are all utilities on the day of the inspection?
  1. Is there permanently installed and properly operating heating equipment?
  1. If there are Air Conditioning units installed are they cooling properly?
Section 8 Video Alert Icon Plumbing
  1. Is toilet securely fastened with no leaks or gaps and flushes properly?
  1. Sink - Is there hot and cold running water, proper drainage and no leaks?
  1. Bathtub/Shower - Is there hot and cold running water, proper drainage and no leaks?
  1. Is bathroom vented with either a working exhaust fan or an exterior window?
  1. Is bathroom free of any sewer odor or drainage problem?
  1. Sink - Is there hot and cold running water, proper drainage and no leaks?
  1. Is there a fully working stove or cook top and oven?
    • If Stove is gas operated, is there a hand-operated gas shut off valve?
  1. Do all the burners on the stove-top ignite, does the oven work and are all the knobs presents or controls working?
  1. Does the refrigerator/freezer cool properly?
  1. Is the refrigerator/freezer large enough for the size of the family occupying the unit?
  1. Do all the appliances operate as intended?
    • Any that do not operate correctly should be removed from the premises.
  1. Does the hot water heater work properly?
  1. Does the water tank have a properly installed pressure relief valve extension tube?
  1. Do radiators function without any leaks?
Section 8 Video Alert Icon UNIT Interior
Wall Condition
  1. Are walls free of air and moisture leaks, large holes and cracks?
Ceiling Condition
  1. Are ceilings free of air and moisture leaks, large holes and cracks?
Floor Condition
  1. Are floors free of weak spots or missing floorboards?
  1. Are floors free from tripping hazards from loose flooring or covering?
    • Are floors free of weak spots or missing floor boards?
Cabinets/Interior Doors
  1. Are cabinets securely fastened to the wall?
  1. Is there space for food preparation and storage?
  1. Are all cabinet doors securely hung?
  1. Is there free and clear access to all exits?
  1. Are there deadbolt locks on entry doors to the Unit?
    • Do they open with a key from the outside and a knob/latch from the inside?
  1. Do first floor windows and window opening to a stairway, fire escape or landing have locks?
Health & Safety
  1. Is there a working smoke detector on each level of the UNIT?
  1. Is there at least one smoke detector present and functioning within 15 feet of every room used for sleeping?
  1. Is the UNIT free of insect and rodent infestation?
  1. Is Unit free of any evidence of mold and mildew?
Section 8 Video Alert Icon UNIT Exterior
  1. Is there at least one exterior window in each bedroom and in the living room?
  1. Do windows open, close and lock properly?
    • Windows designed to open must either operate, able to open or be screwed shut.
  1. Is the UNIT free of cracked, broken or leaky windows?
  1. Is the roof free of leaks?
  1. Are gutters (if required) attached firmly?
  1. Are exterior surfaces in a condition to prevent moisture leaks and rodent infestation?
  1. Is the chimney secure and flue tightly sealed with no gaps?
  1. Is the house/building' foundation sound?
  1. Are openings around doors and windows weather-tight?
  1. Are sidewalks free of tripping hazards?
    • Large cracks and uneven surfaces must be addressed.
  1. Is all siding present and securely attached?
Section 8 Video Alert Icon Stairways
Interior & Exterior
  1. Are all handrails properly secured?
  1. Is there a handrail when there are 4 or more consecutive steps?
  1. Are stairs free of loose, broken or missing steps?
  1. Are the stairways free of tripping hazards?
  1. Are there secure railings on porches, balconies and landings 30" high or higher?
    • This includes cellar/basement entrance areas that are 30" or more below ground.
Section 8 Video Alert Icon Other
  1. Is the UNIT free of debris outside and inside the UNITs?
  1. Are there covered waste disposal receptacles?
  1. INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR UNITS BUILT BEFORE 1978 rented to families with children under the age of six: is unit free of any chipping, peeling, flaking, chalking or cracking painted surfaces, including windows, window wells, door frames, walls, ceilings, porches, garages, fences or play equipment.
* HVAC = Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.

Disclaimer: The criteria listed above is provided as a generalized checklist to determine if a unit is rent ready for Housing Choice Voucher HCV program participants. This checklist is to be used as a guide only as other items not listed may cause the unit to fail a Housing Quality Standards HQS inspection. In addition, all city, county and state codes must be followed. For multi-unit properties and cooperatives, common areas are the responsibility of the Property Owner/Manager.


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