Real Estate Funding Company and Links
Each real estate transaction is unique therefore so is the funding. There are many strategies for investing in real estate like: no money down, lease option, exchanging one asset for another or exchanging, 1031, REITs, partnerships but eventually you are going to need CASH to fund a great deal that you cannot pass up.


Below is a list of Real Estate funding companies that investors can use to finance their investment opportunities. Each link will bring you to a company that specializes in some sort of funding derivative like Hard Money, Bridge Loan, Transactional Funding, Private Money,...etc.


Unsecured Lines of Credit
Aurelian Commercial
Real Estate Lending Blog
Bridge Loan for Multifamily Properties
Bedford Lending Introduces 7% Interest Rate
Bridge Loan For Distressed Apartment Investors
Hard Money Lenders
Brookview Financial
North & South Carolina Private Money Lenders
Hard Money Today
Hard Money Lenders Directory
PeachStone Capital
Rehab Funding
Wooden Nickel Funding
Florida Hard Money Lender
Transactional Funding (Good for Short Sales)
One Day Funding

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