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Welcome to the 11th Edition
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MREIA's trip to Ambergris Caye,
Belize last November with Doug Crowe
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Belize's active marine life
from the 2nd largest
reef in the world!

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Educational Real Estate & Networking Club
The mission of the Educational Real Estate & Networking Club ERENC and its newsletter will be dedicated to educate beginners and veterans the various techniques to acquire, maintain, protect and sell their real estate holdings. In addition, it will allow members to network with individuals that have similar interests as themselves and provide an audience to market themselves and their companies.

Why is Social Media
Marketing Worth My Time?

Picture of Javier during his Social Media Presentation
Click HERE to view Javier Fuller's
Social Media Presentation Video.

The Old Ways of doing Business are DONE!

When was the last time you opened up the yellow pages to find something? What's the last ad you remember reading in a newspaper? Do you use a TiVo or DVR to skip TV commercials? Traditional means of business advertising have changed with the advent of the Internet and instant access to information. You need a new way to get and stay in front of your prospects. But is social media marketing the answer? Is it worth your time? Although there are countless reasons to use social mediate marketing, these are the top 5 reasons why social media marketing is worth your time.

  1. It's FREE!
    Most social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are completely free to use. Your only cost will be time. However, it's much less than other forms of marketing and is well worth the effort. There are many ways to market a website or business, and many can cost quite a bit of money. So if you are on a budget, social media is a great alternative.

  2. Quick Results
    Other forms of marketing take time to prepare, execute and get a return. With social media, you can create content, be in front of people and get noticed immediately.

  3. It doesn't require as much time as you might think
    Although I spend many hours a day on my social media sites, I actually only spend a few minutes a day actually creating content, reading and commenting on other peoples pages and generally interacting on the sites. Many people waste too much time playing games and other generally unproductive tasks, at least unproductive for marketing purposes. Useful tasks taken on diligently every day don't require too much time. There are even tools out there to help automate your daily tasks.

  4. It's where your customers are!
    Facebook boasts over 200 million users. Twitter says they have 40 million and climbing. LinkedIn claims 25 million. Hundreds of millions of users spend countless hours using these and many other social media sites each and everyday. An important key of any marketing is to find your prospects and get in front of them. With those kinds of numbers, your prospects are probably on social media!

  5. The future of the Internet is Social
    Current trends show that social media usage is increasing. Social media is not going away any time soon. Although the sites and the way we interact may change, the social interactions are here to stay. If you don't find a way to fit in, your competitors will and you will be left in the recycling bin with the yellow pages.


Javier Fuller
Javier Fuller Promotional Picture
Javier Fuller
Javier uses all his experience to teach small business owners how to utilize technology to promote themselves and their companies. From website overhaul and design to social media to custom applications, he has a vast arsenal of tools to grow a small business. He can be reached via e-mail at





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