Video Presentation Service for Section 8 Plan Ocho Landlords
The Section 8 Plan Ocho listings services for Landlords are allowing videos to appear on your Section Eight Plan Ocho property listings. Now potential clients performing a property search for a Section 8 Plan Ocho rental will have video access to your property. This video service is a powerful resource for marketing your Section 8 Plan Ocho properties.

Here are some of the advantages of having your rental property on video:
  • Reduce the number of property showings.
  • Edit the video and add more property information, slides, etc.
  • Your Occupancy Rate will increase. More Money in your pocket!
  • Vacancy Rates will drop. More Money in your pocket!
  • I can guarantee the majority of your competition won’t have any Section 8 Plan Ocho property videos.
  • Showcase your company and additional properties in your inventory.
  • Upload your rental property video onto: web sites, Social Media accounts, other video services....
  • Place client testimonials onto the video.
  • Send the video link via email to an out of town client.
  • And on and on and on….
Section 8 Plan Ocho Property Video Sample

Follow US:
We at the Miami Real Estate Investor’s Association MREIA have the expertise to prepare video presentations of property inventories for our clients. Our Section 8 Plan Ocho Video services will include:
  1. Fill out Property Questionnaire.
  2. Gaining Property Access to video property.
  3. Editing Video.
  4. View video for final approval from client.
  5. Post video into Section 8 Plan Ocho property web sites.
  6. Add to four Social Media Sites.
  7. Add to four Video Sites.
  8. Add video to client’s web site or MLS, if available.
  9. Add a client testimonial, if available.

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